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Here displays all datasets (categorized by structure and unstructure) that preserved in the Safeguard Project.
Metadata of the datasets are open to public.

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 Dataset IDTitleFirst AuthorVersionLast modified
Select 10220WP2_FieldData_PollinatorsAndrea_Holzschuh1.0.112024-03-26
Select 10240WP2_FieldData_PlantsAndrea_Holzschuh1.0.72023-06-22
Select 10500Safeguard study sites mother tableJie_Zhang1.7.32024-01-18
Select 10700test_christopheChristophe_Dominik1.4.62024-01-18
Select 10740test_butterflies_nereaNerea_Montes Pérez1.0.02023-03-08
Select 107602.3_Bee_SyrphidFly_field_data_Germany(UWUE)Carolin_Biegerl1.4.32023-05-04
Select 10820test_monsWilliam_Fiordaliso1.0.02023-03-08
Select 10860National records of 3000 European bee and hoverfly speciesAhlam_Sentil1.3.112023-04-06
Select 10880checklist of the European Butterflies (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea)Ahlam_Sentil1.3.62024-02-22
Select 10920Task 2.3 UNIPDAndree_Cappellari1.1.22023-04-03

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Note: The three digits in dataset version indicate: 1. reuse times of the metadata 2. observation update times 3. metadata update times.