A strong proposal for a Nature Restoration Law for EU`s damaged ecosystems


On 22nd June 2022, the Commission adopted pioneering proposals to restore damaged ecosystems and bring nature back across Europe, from agricultural land and seas, to forests and urban environments. Under this proposal for a Nature Restoration Law, legally binding targets for nature restoration (...)


Safeguard’s response to the EU Pollinators Initiative revision consultation

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The European Commission held a public consultation to collect views on the implementation of the EU Pollinators Initiative and gather suggestions on how to strengthen the current framework on wild pollinators to meet its long-term objective to reverse the decline of pollinators by 2030.  The Safegua (...)


(2/2) Wildflower Budapest 2021 programme: results and experiences of the first year

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Positive experiences:The locally typical plant species were found everywhere (in addition to the species of grass seed mixtures that had been previously sown and species with wide tolerance range that are almost ubiquitous). Protected species have appeared in several places.The best performing areas (...)


(1/2) Wildflower Budapest 2021 programme: results and experiences of the first year

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An article presenting the "Wildflower Budapest 2021" project and its first-year results was recently published on the website of the Municipality of Budapest. The research group of Safeguard partner Dr. András Báldi of the Centre for Ecological Research (OK) collaborated in the programme.See the art (...)


Join Safeguard: Open Postdoc Position at the Department of Ecology at SLU

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What factors keep pollinator-unfriendly practices in place? A social scientific investigation.The Department of Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers a PhD-candidate position in close collaboration with the Department of Urban and Rural Development in Uppsala, Sweden. The (...)


OPEN POSITION: PhD vacancy in Asian Honey Bee Ecology at University of Würzburg

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The Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, University of Würzburg, invites applications for a postdoc position to support the examination of the foraging ecology and mechanisms of coexistence of Asian honey bee species (A. cerana, A. dorsata, A. florea). The successful candidate will wor (...)


Bee highways: how they work and why we need them

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A new article published in The Conversation journal outlines the importance of bee highways in putting a stop to the alarming decline in the insect’s population.Pollinating insects have a crucial role in helping provide the food we eat, the flowers we see and the vast biodiversity on the planet. Bee (...)


New research shows the interactive effects of climate and land use on pollinator diversity

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A new research article published in the Science Advances Journal calls for more research attention to the largely unknown interactive effects of changes in climate and land use on pollinating insects. The article, officially published on 6. May 2022, is a collaborative effort of several academic ins (...)


Supporting Ukrainian candidates in future available Safeguard vacancies

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Formed by a pan-European consortium (including China), Safeguard promotes transparency and collaboration between its partners and beyond to guarantee the open, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative science across Europe.In relation to this, we would like to express our tremendous solidarity with the (...)


New research: analysing the effects of arable cultivated land on wild pollinating species in Hungary

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A new research article by Dr. Anikó Kovacs-Hostyanszki (Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary) outlines the importance of pollinating insects for the overall health of ecosystems in light of the decreasing number of flower plants. Pollinating insects suffer disproportionately from large-scale farm (...)


Opportunity for Early Career Professionals: Student Conference on Conservation Science SCCS Hungary, 2022

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Event summary: SCCS Europe – Connecting Eastern and Western Europe in conservation biology Balatonvilágos (Lake Balaton), Hungary, 14 - 17 September 2022What to expect: We are delighted to invite you to the seventh SCCS Europe in 2022, organised by the Centre for Ecological Research this autumn. SCC (...)


OPEN POSITION: Social science postdoc for co-development of biodiversity enhancing strategies within organic farming at Aarhus University


The Department of Ecoscience, Aarhus University, invites applications for a postdoc position to support development of social science, and modelling of bees and other animal species within the Social-Ecological Systems Simulation centre (SESS)   Job description We are seeking applican (...)


Safeguard’s First Annual General Meeting

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Between 5 – 8 April 2022, consortium members and other stakeholders of the Safeguard project met in Seville, Spain, for the project’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM). The three-day-long event was hosted by the University of Seville and entailed informative presentations, in-depth discussions, as (...)


Safeguard wishes you a happy and memorable Easter!


Safeguard wishes you a happy and memorable Easter! (...)


Join Safeguard now: Open PhD opportunity for Nitrogen deposition at University of Bordeaux/INRAE

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University of Bordeaux offers a Nitrogen Deposition PhD position in the BIOGECO - BIOdiversity, Genes & Communities Unit in Bordeaux, France. The successful candidate will work as part of Safeguard, which brings together world-leading researchers, NGOs, industry and policy experts to help Europe (...)


Two open PhD positions in Ecology at SLU

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Open PhD position in ecology at SLU: join Safeguard now!The Department of Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers a PhD-candidate position in agricultural ecology placed in Uppsala, Sweden.The successful candidate will work as part of Safeguard and will investigate how ecol (...)


Committee of the Regions adopts opinion on the EU Pollinators Initiative


At its Plenary Session on 26 January 2022, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) adopted the Opinion "Local and regional authorities accelerating the implementation of the EU Pollinators Initiative". Here, we highlight some of the key calls and commitments outlined in the opinion. The rapporte (...)


Safeguard featured in ELO's Activity Report and Newsletter

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The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) is one of Safeguard’s project partners. ELO is committed to promoting a sustainable and prosperous countryside and to increasing awareness relating to environmental and agricultural issues. Engaging various stakeholders, ELO develops policy recommendations (...)


Open interdisciplinary postdoctoral position at INRAE: join Safeguard now!

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INRAE offers a postdoctoral position in the INRAE Agroecology multidisciplinary research unit in Dijon, France. The successful candidate will work as part of Safeguard, which brings together world-leading researchers, NGOs, industry and policy experts to help Europe reverse the losses of wild pollin (...)


(2/2) Safeguard community advances with a series of online workshops


Data synthesis: the workshop delivered informative discussions and insightful feedback about the collection of environmental data. Many ideas about data synthesis were presented and discussed (analysing aspects of diversity; analyses across different habitats etc.). As a next step, the leaders of th (...)


(1/2) Safeguard community advances with a series of online workshops


It will be an exaggeration to say that most people barely remember what working on international projects was like before the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is true that we got used to “the new normal” – seemingly endless virtual meetings, repurposing our homes into offices, all our colleagues su (...)


Safeguard team members meet for a field workshop in Würzburg, Germany

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Despite the ongoing global pandemic and the many limitations that the world is facing as a result, Safeguard members managed to successfully gather for the first physical meeting of the project, between 29 and 30 November, 2021. Project partners met in Würzburg, Germany where the group took on an ed (...)


Safeguard is awarded "Project of the Month" by the European Commission

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Each month the European Commission honours a Horizon 2020 project as “Project of the Month”. Safeguard is very glad to announce that the project has achieved this excellence in the month of October 2021 with an article on EC’s primary source of results CORDIS. Safeguard has been recognised to be a c (...)


Lund University is recruiting

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The Faculty of Science at the Lund University is looking to recruit up to four Associate Senior Lecturers. The successful candidates will be given the opportunity to develop their independence as researchers and teachers.The call is open to all research fields at the Faculty of Science. The employme (...)


Happy holidays from Safeguard!


Safeguard wishes you a very happy holiday season and a joyful and prosperous New Year! (...)


The consequences of climate change and land use on biodiversity and ecosystem services are disentangled, according to a new research


A recently published article in the open-access journal “Methods in Ecology and Evolution” gives more insight into the currently lacking long-term data on biodiversity trends.In the Anthropocene, climate and land-use change are major causes of environmental deterioration, but little is understood ab (...)


Linking flowers to pollinators: Relation between floral resources and pollinators’ activity

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A research article recently published in the British Ecological Society’s Functional Ecology journal, examines how the quantity of floral resources affects pollinator activity and how this relates to the structure and robustness of pollination networks. The paper titled “Patterns of pollination inte (...)


Partners from 25 institutions across Europe and China join forces to reverse wild pollinator decline

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Between 7 - 9 September 2021, leading experts in the field of wild pollinators and biodiversity from 25 institutions across 14 European countries and China gathered for the official kick-off of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project Safeguard. Due to present COVID-19 restrictions, the even (...)