Focus on Urban Bee Pastures: Safeguard outputs showcased in Budapest

Carla Stoyanova | 12/02/2024 10:24:59 | external event

On 31 January 2024, project partner Viktor Szigeti from the HUN-REN Centre for Ecological Research held an educational public presentation in Budapest, Hungary, sharing insights into plant-pollinator relationships, as well as Safeguard outputs.

The presentation, titled: ‘Focus on Urban Bee Pastures: plant-pollinator interactions’, was focused on the flower choices of Clouded Apollo butterflies, the role of tongue lengths and flower depths, the negative impact of invasive alien species, as well as the positive effects of pollinator-promoting interventions within cities.

During the presentation, Viktor showcased results from a 2023 Safeguard study published in the journal Urban Ecosystems, investigating the impact of rare mowing and flower sowing on pollinators, floral resources, and vegetation attributes in urban areas of Hungary. Learn more about the study here.

Along with the developments in Budapest's sown and rarely mown bee pastures over the past two years from a pollination perspective, Viktor also presented the possibilities of implementing pollinator-promoting approaches in public areas, private gardens, and balconies, as well as the opportunities for observation combined with data collection.

The lecture, organised by the Hegyvidéki Zöld Iroda, was recorded and streamed by Hegyvidék Televízió.

Watch the presentation online on Hegyvidék TV’s YouTube channel here (Hungarian).

Photos: Hegyvidék TV

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