EU Pollinators Initiative: expert consultation workshops report available now

Gergana Karaboycheva | 14/11/2022 15:37:49 | article

In mid-2018, the European Commission adopted the first-ever EU Pollinators Initiative, to enable Member States to address the decline of pollinators in the EU and contribute to global conservation efforts. As part of a broader consultation that collects stakeholder views and proposals in the context of the revision of the EU Pollinators Initiative, the European Commission (EC) organised nine thematic expert consultation workshops to gather expert views, suggestions, and concrete proposals on how to strengthen the current framework on wild pollinators to meet its long-term objective to reverse the decline of pollinators by 2030.

From March to June 2022 the Commission held a 12-week open public consultation with the aim of collecting stakeholder views on the implementation of existing policies and gathering input on how to implement the objectives of the EU pollinators initiative and meet the commitment to reverse the decline of pollinators by 2030, as per the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030. Safeguard also had the opportunity to submit its recommendations.

Along with the public consultation, other activities were put in motion to support the end goal - consultations of Member States through Commission expert groups and consultations of experts through nine thematic workshops: Reports providing an overview of the results of the workshops were recently made available on the Commission’s website.

  • Workshop on EU Actions for Pollinators in Agricultural Landscapes: workshop report
  • Workshop on Pollinators in Protected Areas – shaping policy actions: workshop report
  • Workshop on Measures to tackle pressures from invasive alien species on wild pollinators: workshop report
  • Workshop on Pollinator Conservation under Climate Change: Challenges, Solutions, and Policy Actions: workshop report
  • Workshop on Pollinators and Light Pollution: workshop report
  • Workshop on Policy actions for better protection of pollinators when controlling pests in the EU: workshop report
  • Workshop on Local and regional planning for wild pollinators: workshop report
  • Workshop on Data and research for pollinator conservation: workshop report
  • Workshop on Impact on pollution on wild pollinators: workshop report
All reports providing an overview of the results of the workshops are available on the Commission’s website.

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