(1/2) Safeguard community advances with a series of online workshops

Teodor Metodiev | 09/02/2022 10:28:43 |

It will be an exaggeration to say that most people barely remember what working on international projects was like before the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is true that we got used to “the new normal” – seemingly endless virtual meetings, repurposing our homes into offices, all our colleagues suddenly turning into “floating heads” in hazy backgrounds.

After many months of working from home and attending purely virtual meetings from all around Europe, the desire for a physical meeting was understandably high. Unfortunately, due to the rising number of infections following the holiday season and the strengthened travel restrictions, it was unrealistic to hold a physical consortium meeting in January. Because of that, Safeguard partners organised a series of online workshops to keep progress running and scheduled the first major consortium meeting physically, in early April 2022.

This series of workshops proved very useful in providing an overview of where we stand, as well as identifying the next steps for all key tasks. As a research project, Safeguard is committed to cope with challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic with minimal social and economic disruption. But after all, we should not forget how important actual human interactions are in life, and if there is any positive outcome from the pandemic at all, it is the realisation of this. Safeguard is hopeful and motivated to finally meet in person in Seville, Spain, for the project's first annual general meeting this spring, to showcase the immense effort of everyone involved in this journey!

In this follow-up piece, you can find a short summary of each workshop!

Photo: Brainstorming white board

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