Trends, impacts and conservation of wild pollinators: Safeguard presented at the EU Pollinator Week 2023

Carla Stoyanova | 07/12/2023 10:19:38 | external event

From honeybees and flies to bumblebees and hoverflies, pollinators play a crucial role in maintaining our ecosystems, food chains, and human well-being. To spread the buzz of the newest science and policy actions regarding existing challenges and potential solutions for the protection of European pollinators, this year’s EU Pollinator Week featured a diverse set of presentations and debates on pollinator-relevant scientific, technical, and political topics. The three-day event took place on 28-30 November 2023 in online, in-person, and hybrid formats.

This eleventh edition of the EU Pollinator Week brought together European and national pollinator institutions, farmers, beekeepers, NGOs, as well as pollination, beekeeping and biodiversity experts to discuss pressing challenges and to propose recommendations for policymakers.

Among the key speakers at the event was also our project partner Ignasi Bartomeus, working as a researcher at the Doñana Biological Station of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). He is a community ecologist interested in understanding how global change drivers impact community structure and composition, and how those impacts translate to the ecosystem functioning.

During the scientific conference ‘Advancing Knowledge and Environmental Risk Assessment for Bees and Other Insect Pollinators’, Ignasi held a presentation, titled ‘Safeguarding European Pollinators: Trends, Impacts and Conservation’, where he introduced the Safeguard project.

Besides showcasing several findings regarding species richness, Ignasi briefly presented the project by outlining its mission, key results, and work plan, including knowledge and evidence generation, as well as impact generation (See image below).

‘It is really difficult to protect something we do not know exists and despite the fact we know quite a lot about bees and pollinators, there are still big knowledge gaps that we need to fill,’ emphasised Ignasi.

Access the full presentation here and learn more about the EU Pollinator Week 2023 here.

The EU Pollinator Week is co-organised by Members of the European Parliament and BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination, partnering together with the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Image: Safeguard presented by Ignasi Bartomeus at the EU Pollinator Week 2023 

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